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Discover Nitronox

For a Low-Discomfort Experience

Our providers are dedicated to delivering the best possible results for every client who visits Profound MedSpa. We stop at nothing to ensure that our providers have the expertise and systems necessary to implement the highest standards of care found anywhere in our industry. For these reasons and more, we offer Nitronox as an option for clients seeking a low-discomfort experience while they receive treatment at Profound MedSpa.

Nitronox is a delivery system that provides a gas mixture of 50% medical nitrous oxide and 50% medical oxygen. It is a commonly used is used to help ease discomfort during some medical and aesthetic procedures such as those involving injections and lasers. Every client is different. This is why we discuss every option for every procedure we offer here at Profound MedSpa. We want to make sure that your experience with your provider meets only the highest standards. Accordingly, we are able to provide a service such as Nitronox which drastically reduces discomfort, and in many cases, anxiety of those receiving aesthetic treatments.

Nitronox is classified as an analgesic which means is it is specifically designed for pain relief. It is NOT classified as an anesthetic (a treatment meant to put you to sleep). The gas mixture is self-administered by the patient through a mask or mouthpiece so they can inhale as needed.

For over a century, the combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide has been used by medical professionals in hospitals for post-surgery, labor and delivery pediatrics and in dental offices for a wide range of dental procedures.

As with any treatment, it is important to discuss using the Nitronox system with your provider beforehand. Nitrous oxide is a drug with contraindications for use that a Profound Medspa provider will review with you. Additional risks could include combining N2O / O2 with other drugs and medications.

No. Nitrous oxide and oxygen do not eliminate pain. It is intended to take the edge off, help the patient relax and manage discomfort.

The Nitronox system runs on demand-flow technology, meaning that it only delivers the gas mixture through a mask or mouthpiece when you inhale. After several deep breaths, you will start to feel more relaxed—this is because the gas triggers the release of the body’s natural endorphins and dopamine. Inhalations can be administered on an as-needed basis throughout your treatment. Once you stop inhaling, the feeling will wear off within 5-10 minutes.

No, this is not anesthesia.

Any side effects are often minimal. Some include dizziness and nausea, the best and most immediate remedy for which tends to be breathing room air as opposed to continuing to self-administer Nitronox.

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