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Look Refreshed and Natural

Everyone wants to awaken looking refreshed and natural. We don't want our appearance changed drastically, just improved with a softer and smoother skin texture. Dysport is a solution injection that has been demonstrated to smooth the region between the brow, limiting the lines and wrinkles but not your expressions. Dysport achieves the natural looking results that people want. In fact, 97% of users say they liked the results and that they would highly recommend it.

Dysport is a purified neurotoxin (Botulinum toxin type A), that blocks nerves in the muscle, causing temporary cessation in muscle movement. Dysport gets rid of moderate to extreme lines between the temples by diminishing muscle compressions. Most clients see improvement in 5-7 days, and treatment takes under 15 minutes. There is no recuperation time required. Results from Dysport last 3-4 months.

The aftereffects of Dysport will show noticeable improvement without causing changes to your facial expressions that are too extreme. The muscle movements that cause the lines are just decreased, so you can show expression without the wrinkles.

Dysport is FDA-approved and is safe when injected by a properly trained, experienced practitioner. As with all medical treatments there is a certain degree of risk. During your consultation your practitioner will review all adverse reactions and or risks prior to treatment.

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